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What do you think about live casino? Have you ever wondered how a real live person can integrate so flawlessly with online casino games? With the rapid development of technology and the internet, live dealer and online games have become a trend. The instant live video of a dealer dealing in front of us allows us to feel as if we are immediately transported to the real Las Vegas casino. There are many live casino games that seems simple, but do you truly understand its rule, card counting method, or gameplay? Perhaps it is due to these complex rules and techniques that made live casino game so extraordinary, interesting, and enduring. These are the reason people love live casino game so much, some even sees it as an entertainment sport.

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9KING Live Casino Malaysia  has all types of live online casino games, from the thrilling live baccarat, all-time favorite live blackjack,easy to play live roulette, and others. These gambling games are derived from popular poker and table games. Players have begun to pursue for more freshness and variability in games. Utilizing the modern technology today, we have placed a multinational real life dealer in the game, creating the most unique live casino game experience. You no longer need to go outdoors or get on a place to enjoy the intense and exciting atmosphere of a physical casino.

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9KING Live Casino Malaysia only partners with safe, reliable, and reputable game companies, such as the well-known AG, PT, BBIN and others. Each live casino game room has its own unique featured games. For example, AG Live Game Room has the unique “live MiCard baccarat”, PT Live Game Room offers the exclusive “live unlimited blackjack”, and BBIN Live Game Room “live sicbo”, etc. In addition, each live game room has a different operating interface. BBIN Live Game Room uses black and white colour to create a simple and approachable style. Games of different category are separated into different rooms, such as Live Dealer Room, VIP Room, BID Room, etc. PT Live Game Room is rich in colour and the games are categorized based on its type. Besides having different gaming contents and operating interfaces, the table limit of each live casino game room is also different. Players can make the best decision based on their betting habits and preferences.

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